LabelTasks 1.2 - Shelf Label Management for Retailers

Shelf label management software for retailers

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You need to be logged into your computer as an administrator to install and run this application.

Printer calibration support may be required for some models of printer, we can be contacted via our Resources website to provide free support for this.

Please note, support for data importing will not be provided until you purchase the software. All data to be imported must be correct and complete. Additional time spent on support due to inadequate hardware, operating system or data may be charged on a daily / part daily basis. Please ask for details of this first if any of this applies. 


Right click the link below and select 'Save Target As' - save as 'Setup.msi' OR Click below to start downloading the demo : 

LabelTasks 1.2 - Shelf label management for retail (4.4 MB)

Latest software build Revision 1.9.75 now available as demonstration download 

Upgrade free if you are an existing customer with license running in under a year

Requirements : At least Windows *XP SP3 with .NET Framework 3.5 and 256 Mb RAM, Windows compatible printer.


Windows Vista, *7 ,8 (Beta Release - under Hyper-V Client for ARM Processor devices) also supported.

*mobile devices.

Having difficulties installing?

Or phone +353-(0)87-628-3573

e-Mail :



Windows 8 users :

ARM Processor Devices (Microsoft Surface, for example)

See how you can use Windows 8 Client Hyper-V manager to install LabelTasks and other Windows desktop applications.

Intel (Or compatible) x86 Processor Devices (Windows PC, Laptop etc.)

There exists a compatibility mode in Windows 8 for this type of machine, which can be set up  to detect the best compatibility mode for your LabelTasks software, click here for more information.

Windows 98. ME and 2000 users : 

Do you need the .NET framework installed first? If you're using Windows 98 or Windows 2000 then likelyhood is yes, you need to install this first. Get it here


Mac OSX users 

Apple Mac OSX users should click here for our guidance on using

LabelTasks 1.2



Mobile device remote desktop access (Android, iPhone OS, Mac OSX)

This does require you to have a third party remote desktop client loaded onto both your Windows machine and mobile device - click below for more information.

Limitations :

Works for 15 uses only - prints Demo message on every other shelf label;

               No Excel Import / Export facility available;

Support : Only installation / uninstallation and printer layout requirements are met.



Should you require additional support, for example, with the installation process, we will be more than pleased to assist you here.

Please e-Mail us at OR call (00353)-89-521-1910

You can also get our installation FAQ by clicking here.

For visual support on how to download this software, click here.