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Frequently Asked Questions - Label Tasks 1.2

Common questions. 

1.   How do I download the demonstration LabelTasks application? 

2.   Windows 7, Windows 8 (x86) & Vista : I'm getting error 2869 when trying to install. Can you tell me what this is and how to fix it? (Only necessary in earlier releases - pre Release 1.5.00 Only)

3.   Apple OSX : Can I run Label Tasks on an Apple Mac with the OSX operating system?

4.   Does the demo freeware version of Label Tasks allow you to import data from other applications? (such as, Excel, for example)

5.   When I try to download the demo software I get junk text on the screen, why is this and how can I fix it? 

6.   How can I uninstall this software? (Demo or registered)

7.   Are there any more templates available?

8.   What about mobile devices?

9.   I don't want to install a whole other OS on my Apple Mac, is there another way to run your software without doing this?

10.   If I delete a label document, or save another label document over an existing one with the same name by accident, can I still retrieve that information?

11. I've upgraded my OS or my computer and need to install LabelTasks again, I don't have the install file or the license key code, will you provide me with these again?

12. How do I merge label documents in LabelTasks 1.2? (Also applies to LabelTasks 2.0 in document access offline mode)

13. How do I install LabelTasks on Windows 8?

14. The barcode will not print on any of my labels, what is wrong?

15. Every time I start LabelTasks it asks if I want to install the VB Runtime Files and the label printing part of the application doesn't work, how can I solve this?



(1) Simply click on the 'Download' link to the left and then click 'Register Now For Free' - provide the details required (e-Mail and the password you desire for this account) and then follow instructions provided for verifying your account.

Once you've created an account for this website, you can then log in to access the download page. If you are still having difficulties at this stage, then please contact us at :

We will be happy to help out.


See below for illustration.



(2) error 2869 resolution.

This is a permissions and rights issue.

1. Create a folder on your local C:\ drive called LTFIX so that the path C:\LTFIX is visible from Windows Explorer

2. Click here to download and save the file LTFIX.BAT to the location C:\LTFIX. This can be done by right clicking and then selecting Save Target.As

3. Click here to download and save the Label Tasks installation file again to the location C:\LTFIX

4. On your desktop, using Windows explorer, navigate to the folder C:\LTFIX

5. Right click on the file called LTFIX.BAT and select the option to Run As Administrator. This should start the installation process for Label Tasks 1.2

6. Once Label Tasks 1.2 is installed, you should see the Label Tasks 1.2 icon on your desktop.

Double click on this icon to start the application. If double clicking on the icon presents a further problem, then try right clicking on the icon itself and then selecting the option to Run As Administrator. Doing this once should register with the operating system the fact that the application should always be run this way in future.

Additional installation guidance :

Some of the later releases of MS-Windows do not include particular DLL files which enable applications like this to run. Please click here to download and install the DLL files required to print the labels.


(3) Running Label Tasks on Apple Mac with OSX Operating System.

You can run Label Tasks on an intel processor based Apple Mac with OSX by downloading and installing a cross platform application utility called Boot Camp 3.0

Boot Camp allows you to run a lot of Windows XP OS applications and will need to be installed before you can install the .NET framework and then Label Tasks. The operation should take no more than 45 minutes (depending on your internet connection speed) and should allow you to successfully install and use Label Tasks.

Aside from installing Bootcamp, you might need to install a suitable driver for your printer in order to allow Label Tasks to successfully communicate with your device for printing the labels.

There are five steps involved in this solution.

1. Download and install Boot Camp on your Apple Mac (about 270 MB)

2. Reboot your Apple Mac such that the Windows operating system can be installed.

3. You will need to have a Windows XP installation CD to hand in order to perform the install of Windows. Home edition of Windows XP will be sufficient here.

4. Download and install the .NET framework (about 20 MB)

5. Download and install Label Tasks

See answer given in (8) also.


(4) Importing data from other applications (Excel) using demo freeware version.

This is not possible - we can, however, take your Excel spreadsheet data and import it for you. We will be more than happy to complete this service for you upon purchase of a Label Tasks License.

Additional Boot Camp support is available from the Apple website and can be accessed by clicking here.


(5) Alternative method for downloading demo from this site.

Simply right click on the link for the demo and select 'Save Target As' and then enter the file name 'Setup.msi' - this will cause the install file for the demo software to be saved at the location you specify with that file name (usually on the windows desktop.)

You may otherwise be experiencing difficulties with downloading this file because of your browser settings.

For an example of how this is achieved, visit the link below on our resources website FAQ to see screenshot illustrations for downloading the install file for the Label Tasks demo software.


(6) Uninstall LabelTasks software.

Removing the software from your computer does not require any special action or third party tools - regardless of what is currently advertised.

This is a one step action which is used to remove all legitimate software applications

Click 'start' on your desktop and select 'Control Panel', then select 'Add/Remove Software' and 'Remove' LabelTasks software.

Label Tasks software does not contain properties which make this action impossible in any Windows environment from Windows XP through to Windows 10


(7) Availability of templates

Templates differing from those which come as standard with the software are available upon request, click here to find out more.


(8) Mobile device compatibility

This software has been tested and verified on a mobile device capable of running Windows XP or VISTA / 7

LabelTasks' architecture has always had mobile devices in mind. LabelTasks can be configured easily to run with multi-branch / multi-user scenarios, with reporting only or full interface options.

To obtain access from other mobile devices, such as those running Android or iPhone OS, you can try out a third party remote desktop connection client as suggested below :


(9) Running LabelTasks on Apple Mac OSX 10.5 or later

You can use a software product called CrossOver to do this.

CrossOver is used to run thousands of popular software titles on this platform. Click here for more information.


(10) Retrieving deleted or overwritten label documents

Should you inadvertently loose label information by deleting or overwriting label documents, you should be able to reclaim this information in the [OldLabels] folder in your LabelTasks folder.

The files which reside at [OldLabels] will have the same file name as the document you want to retrieve - for example, if you have a document called [TinnedFruit.lab] then this will be backed up as [TinnedFruit.lab.bak] - Simply rename this file by right clicking on it and selecting 'rename' - remove the '.bak' part of the file name in order to be able to access this information in LabelTasks.

You are encouraged to back up all your label documents on a regular basis, this can be achieved by simply copying the [Labels] folder and pasting it in a backup folder


(11) Provision of install materials after system upgrade

We will gladly provide you with a new install file and new license key code for LabelTasks, this will be carried out free of charge.

Your previous license of LabelTasks will be made inactive, if you require further support after this point, then you will need to ensure that your license has not expired for support; you can purchase a new supportable software license by visiting the Web Store.

Support for each license will expire one year after purchase.


(12) Merging label documents with LabelTasks 1.2 & LabelTasks 2.0 (Offline)

This can be achieved by selecting 'File' then 'Merge Labels' from the menu bar at the top of the LabelTasks User Interface.

You will be asked to select a document to merge with and then asked if you want to merge the entire document, or selected records.

Please see the instructional video below for more details.

If you are still having difficulties with this process, please contact support using the details below.


(13) Installing LabelTasks on Windows 8

Windows 8 can present itself on either ARM Processor based devices (Tablets) OR x86 Processor based laptops / desktops

The solution at hand is split between these two camps and should provide full operation for the user.

ARM Processor device running Windows 8

This involves setting up a Windows XP virtual environment in Windows 8. Windows 8 will not run applications for this environment normally and so needs to have a virtual environment set up to do so, this will enable you to run LabelTasks and other Windows titles as well as your existing Windows 8 application suites.

Click here for more information on setting up the Hyper-V Client on Windows 8.


x86 Processor based laptop / desktop

You can use the compatibility mode in Windows 8 to run LabelTasks after installation. Click here for directions on this.

In addition to this, MS-Windows Version 8.1 fully supports this product under it's software compatibility wizard. See your Windows help resource for more information.

This software has been tested and verified on a mobile device capable of running Windows XP or VISTA / 7 - Remote desktop operability has also been verified using several third party products.


(14) Barcode printing not working,

This may be because the barcode font did not install correctly during the installation process of the LabelTasks software. This may have been because of access and permission rights of the user who installed the software.

To remedy this issue, simply check the 'C:\Windows\Fonts' folder for these two files :

'Free 3 of 9 Extended Regular' AND 'Free 3 of 9 Regular'.

If these files already exist, then it may be a permissions and access rights issue, so just right click on each file respectively and go to the Properties section of the context menu that appears when you right click on the TTF font files.

If the files are not there, then you can simply copy them across from the 'C:\`Program Files\LabelTasks 1.2' folder (or the folder which you originally installed the software.

Failing this, it may be that the Properties sections of the font files have the 'Archive' option set, to remedy this, simply right click on each of the two font files and select 'Properties' and uncheck 'Archive' - click APPLY and then OK.

See screenshot below for illustration :

If the barcode printing still does not work for you after this, please contact LabelTasks support using the link below.



(15) Keep being asked if I want to install VB Runtime on starting

You need to make sure that you are logged in as an administrator when you install and run the application.

If you are logged in as an administrator but are still experiencing difficulties, then you may have to right click on the icon and select the option to 'Run As Administrator' - in addition to this, it may also be necessary to alter the properties so that the application runs properly without having to do this all the time. To alter properties, right click on the icon and select the 'Properties' option from the menu.

Simply select 'Compatibility' Tab, then select to run in Windows XP (SP3) mode and check box to run as Administrator. Then click Apply and OK.

In addition to this, a patch for LabelTasks has been released (28th May 2014 - Revision 1.7.40) which compensates for Windows Vista / 7 / 8 & 8.1 updates which do not currently accommodate the installation of these VB Runtime files. If you require this update and have still have support subscription paid up, then you can get this update - simply contact us to let us know.

Still having difficulties? Support is available at any time on


Tel : 00353-89-251-1910